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Orca Beauty Eyelash Nourishing Serum 4 Pack

Orca Beauty Eyelash Nourishing Serum 4 Pack

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Own your beauty, without compromises

Taking care of yourself and looking good shouldn’t be about someone else: it should be about feeling confident to own your choices, your decisions, your life. Because true beauty comes from being comfortable in your own skin, we want to champion all beauty fearlessly and empower every woman. You’re amazing just how you are, and we want to help you show it.


We offer pure, familiar ingredients in precise formulations to bring your own personal brand of beauty to a new level, using no harmful substances and keeping all our products cruelty-free. Our goal is simple: visible results for people of all ethnicities and a lifetime of healthier skin and hair.

4 Pack

Go from lash to lush

Orca Beauty’s Lash Serum is here to empower your gaze in just 3-4 weeks. We want to help you take your radiant look to a whole new level by boosting the strength of your lashes and making them as thick and full as they can be. That’s why our lash serum has been carefully designed with rich, nourishing ingredients that will take you from lash to lush.


Our formula includes biotin, keratin, and a variety of vitamins and natural extracts oriented to promote lash growth, thickness and health. It’s also infused with hyaluronic acid which encourages stronger, longer and fuller lashes through a combination of hydrating properties and nourishing peptides. By stimulating hair follicles and creating a protective barrier, this pthalates and sulfates-free formula will make sure that even the most casual of glances doesn’t go unnoticed.

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