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Smart Sweeper ZB230A White

Smart Sweeper ZB230A White

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ZB230A Intelligent Sweeping Robot

  1. Button switch, USB charging cable, reducing noise, avoiding obstacles, strong suction, filter box
  2. Intelligent sweeping, suction, and towing three in one. Bilateral brush cleaning, low noise operation, 55db, strong suction, thorough cleaning
  3. Lightweight body, easy to shuttle through the bottom of furniture. Long battery life, making cleaning more durable. Up to 1200mAh lithium battery, able to maintain long-lasting cleaning time. Charging for 3 hours, 30 minutes continuous working time
  4. The bottom universal wheel design automatically turns when encountering obstacles
  5. Suitable for multi clock material flooring, cleaning and cleaning. Tile flooring, wooden flooring, composite flooring, marble flooring
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